Other Media

Pat the Expat
A blog about being far away from home, then redefining home, then realizing that your former home is as weird as your new one, and wondering where on earth you actually belong. Set in Zurich, Switzerland, and liberally featuring the characters of my husband, Pat, and my cats, Simba and Sahara.

Grant the Transplant
It’s my blog, version 2.0, this time with a sweet little Swiss-born baby named Mira.

The Woolf
The Borderlands of Identity
Something Good
‘C’ is for Cookie
In or Out

Invisible City Audio Tours: The Armada of Golden Dreams
The Thomas Bennett
A spoken-word piece of historical fiction contributed to Invisible City Audio Tours’ Armada of Golden Dreams. This interactive audio tour carries you through what is today San Francisco’s Financial District but was once a Gold Rush-era landscape of water, wharves, and scuttled ships.

KQED’s Perspectives
Outside the Box
A spoken-word essay about my husband’s and my first jointly adopted pet, Mufasa.

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